Congrats to the Da Bulls’ Luol Deng, a classy dude doing everything in his power to erase the stench of Christian Death from the noses of those who doubt Dookies can succeed in the pros.

Hold onto your seats, ladies and gentlemen, but Stan Van Gundy is apparently tired of spending time with his family.

Joey from Straight Bangin’
on the Warriors point guard who is fast approachng iconic status :

Baron Davis will surely go down as the sort of player that had to be seen to be properly appreciated, because the stats and the records won’t ever present an accurate portrait. And when searching for a snapshot of his greatness, last night’s Game Four against Dallas would be sufficient. It was a grand display of bittersweet basketball. For every resilient pull-up, confident drive, and exhilarating moment, there was the sorrowful understanding that what was taking place was enhanced by its rarity. There was also the nagging concern that the next play could always result in a crippling injury. As great as Davis is when driving to the rim and banging inside, how can any fan not worry that a knee will get tweaked or his back will act up? To root for Baron Davis is to experience the pangs of mixed emotion.

Davis, himself, seems to exude this mournful realism. Whether it is the beard that makes him look somewhat grizzled, the knowing eyes that always seem to grasp much of what is also unsaid, or the expressions of moderated enthusiasm, Baron appears as though he’s always participating in the collective sadness that his fans cannot shed while assessing him and watching him work. There is a tragic element to his persona ever more pronounced as he succeeds, and he likely knows it.