…but no olive branch for Bob Ryan? With the hottest tabloid story of the day (save for the continuing saga of Giggles The Clown), the New York Post’s Marc Berman spoke with Joumana Kidd.

Joumana Kidd said she Jason are now “very cordial” and both feel “awful” about their messy public divorce, which has included allegations of infidelity and domestic violence.”He comes over all the time – we laugh and joke about it now and he’s apologized a million times about how it happened,” Joumana told The Post yesterday in her first public remarks since the impending divorce became known.

“It is unfortunate things didn’t happen in a more gracious manner, but I have no grudges in any way. My goal is for my kids to always focus on the positives in their father,” she said.

Now that the Nets are a game away from eliminating the Toronto Raptors and advancing to the Eastern Conference second round, she said she is behind the Nets – and her former man.

“I wish the Nets great success, and I think they have a great chance to go all the way,” she said. “I want him to do well and I want the Nets to win.”

While I’m all for diplomacy, Jean Strahan and I are in agreement : this is a weird development.