Do former Tottenham trialists get the new shirt for free? ‘Cause I’d hate to think Steve Nash had to pay for one that ugly. (pic copped from The Offside)

Maybe this takes the sting off the manager being fired via text message : in the wake of Barca’s Frank Rijkaard benching Ronaldinho against Sevilla, ESPN’s scrolling Bottom Line claims the Brazilian striker is poised for a move to Chelsea in 2008. I’m not sure how Bristol U’s ticker has managed to scoop the rest of the global media on this alleged fact, but until next summer rolls around, we can’t say they’re wrong for sure, can we?

Admittedly, soccer coverage at CSTB has been slight of late, and I’m truly sorry for that. And while I’m sure Blackburn Rovers and Mark Hughes would’ve prefered not to lose the first leg of their UEFA Cup opening round tie last Thursday, at least they were beaten by a club named after the late, great guitarist Larissa Strickland.