With Tim Duncan struggling from the line, how to accurately measure Robert Horry’s insane, game-of-his-life? Virtually invisible earlier in the series, Horry scored 21 of the Spurs’ final 35 points, posterizing Rip Hamilton in OT with a sick dunk (after leaving Tayshaun Prince flat flooted with a textbook fake), then hitting the game winning 3 (from a neat feed by Ginobili) in the final seconds.

(Ben Wallace ignores Rick Mahorn’s warning that exchanging pleasantries with Kid Rock will jinx the series for Detroit, as well as exposing the Pistons’ locker room to infection)

Short of scientific evidence proving that Tim Legler is human, I can’t think of anything more shocking than Horry’s performance down the stretch — of all the guys you’d expect to put San Antonio on their back, let’s just say he wasn’t in the top 3.

The following are words from a very relieved Tim Duncan during the postgame press conference :

He pulled me out of an incredible hole that I put myself in…I’ll tell you the deal with Rob. Rob just hangs out the entire game, he does it all season long. He doesn’t do anything, he doesn’t feel like playing, he shows up sometimes. Then you put him in the fourth quarter in a big game, whether it be the regular season or the playoffs, and he’s like ‘OK, it’s time to play now. I’ve been hanging out the entire season, it’s time to play now.’ And as funny as it seems, that’s how it is. He doesn’t want to show up, he doesn’t feel like playing until it’s a big game.

And they say Duncan isn’t a quote machine?