Cavs 114, Wizards 113 (OT)

I’ll still maintain that the guy in the video game commercial who says “you miss 100% of the shots you never take” is based on Damon Jones (shown above, below LeBron. Someone needs to warn the Chosen One about gold diggers). Late Friday night, Jones only had to take one shot in his 9 seconds of playing time, a three from the corner that ended Washington’s season and clinched LeBron James’ first playoff series victory.

(The Black Prez, forcing OT with a 3 pointer from a mile out at the end of regulation…not before DC blew a 7 point lead with a couple of minutes left, though)

Gilbert Arenas missed a pair of free throws in the final minute, leading me to make the following not-so-original prediction : he’ll be back. And not just in the first round, either. ’05/06 was a breakout campaign for Arenas, and the Wizards won’t require major additions to improve. There wasn’t much seperating Arenas (shown above after forcing OT with his 3 pointer from a mile out) and James in this series (other than, say, a blown goaltending non-call on Varejao in the waning moments of regulation), and it would be simplistic to say the latter was more aggressive in key spots. Both clubs could hook up for another best-of-seven starting tomorrow and I’m not convinced Cleveland would emerge the winner.