There’s something seriously wrong with the universe when Ricky Davis shows so much poise and leadship under pressure, especially when compared to the self-proclaimed best point guard in the NBA (cue up sound effects of coughing, vomiting, shooting rats, chair-throwing, etc.)

Michael Redd might be the highly paid superstar, Andrew Bogut an emerging rebounding machine, but the biggest surprise from the Bucks’ hot start is TJ Ford’s high level of play (and getting Richard Jefferson thrown out of the game isn’t the kind of thing you can teach). Jason Giambi has already begun talking up Ford for comeback player of the year.

Had LeBron James’ participation been necessary for much of the 2nd half tonight against the Hornets, there’s no way he wouldn’t have scored 50. A night after humbling a poor Kings squad, New Orleans/Oklahoma City of Anaheim seemed as inept as any lottery-bound side of the last decade. I do recognize this was only their 2nd game, however, so there’s plenty of time for things to get even worse.

Just the other week a friend and I spoke dispargingly of Miami’s newly acquired Antoine Walker and wondered aloud — fueled by some low quality alcoholic beverages — how ‘Toine would cope with being the Heat’s 3rd or 4th shooting option. Not too badly, as it turns out. I’m still not sure how they’ll find enough shots to go around in Miami, and its not as though I can call Andrew Cunanan and ask.

(Andrew. No one’s ever seen him in the same room as Fred Armisen…and no one ever will).

In the collegiate ranks, preseason no. 3 Texas had an easy time tonight with the St. Mary’s Rattlers, 113-49. Your reporter found the Erwin Center’s peanuts to be stale, the Diet Coke rather flat, and sophmore F LaMarcus Aldridge (21 points, 7 rebounds) absolutely deadly.