…against the women of Austin, aka craigslist. Don’t call it a comeback, Romeo Rose has been here for years.

Star in a documentary about kissing with me $10,000 pay if hired.

I am producing a documentary about all the different styles of kissing.
I need to hire 12 women between the ages of 18-29 for this.
If hired to be in this documentary film you will be paid $10,000.
Auditions are being held this evening 11/8/2015 in South Austin off William Cannon.
I’ve included a few photos of myself because I do not want to waste your time or mine.
I’m the producer as well as main character in this film so you must be able to kiss me in a way that will look natural and organic on film.
You must pass a test audition where we film a short piece so I can know if we look good together on screen or not.
Text asap today and I can provide more information and answer any further questions as well as set up the time for auditioning.
Send a recent photo of yourself in the text.