ESPN is reporting this morning that Don Nelson, the 2nd winningest (god, what a great word) coach in NBA history has resigned and has been replaced by Avery Johnson in Dallas.

Nelson, a former Celtics great whose coaching resume includes stints in Milwaukee, Golden State and New York, missed a number of games this year due to his own health woes and those of his wife, and had been grooming Johnson as his successor. Johnson, who runs most Mavs practices, is 7-3 so far this year when substituting for Nelson.

(Don, reacting to being called “the Jack Haley of the 1970’s” by a historically challenged Shaquille O’Neal)

Curiously, the Oregonian’s Jason Quick has Nellie’s son, Donn, denying interest in the Portland job, claiming the he’s too happy working with Dad in Dallas to consider a switch.