Though he’s played sparingly in today’s exhibition with the Raptors, Nets rookie G Haasan Adams is making an impression on his new club, writes the Newark Star Ledger’s Dave D’Allesandro.

The only problem the Nets have with Hassan Adams is knowing what to call him.

“Rottweiler,” GM Ed Stefanski initially proposed.

“The Missile,” Jason Kidd suggested.

“Kamikaze,” a team publicist said.

“He closes in like he’s a linebacker,” added Lawrence Frank, which may lead to a “Butkus” or “LT” nomination one of these days.

Frank doesn’t often gush about a rookie, so this kind of coach-speak is over the top for him:

“He’s got great instincts to the ball. He’s like a magnet. He sniffs things out. He’s high energy,” Frank said. “He’s high-energy. We talked about this last year. If you’re coming off the bench, you have to fit in one of these four categories. One is, you’re instant offense off the bench. Two is, you’re a defensive stopper, you can put out a fire. Three is, you’re a high-energy guy. Four, you’re a playmaker and you lift people up. If you’re not one of those four, it’s hard to play.”

Cleveland’s Shannon Brown doesn’t exactly admit to the Beacon Journal’s Brian Windhorst that he carries a gun. But he’s not denying it, either, and for reasons totally unrelated to the above, I’d just like to say I’ve always thought the world of Brown.

Having already lost Andew Bogut for an extended spell, the Bucks learned last night that Bobby Simmons will be out for a month with an injured heel.

The New York Post’s Peter Vescey reports that Grizzlies GM Jerry West is planning on retiring after this season. Considering the indignity of having to report to Christian Laettner, can you blame him?  Vescey can’t end his Sunday column without dropping the following :

About the only shot Jeanine Pirro has to come from behind is if she runs against Billy Wagner.

Fans of “The Wire” might be interested to know that Raptors Director Of Security Willis Richardson is a former Baltimore detective.   The Globe & Mail’s Michael Grange includes the following quote (link courtesy True Hoop)

Richardson said he sometimes misses the rush provided by his former career. “It wasn’t a daily thing, but I’ve had some use-of-force incidents,”

Sounds a little bit like shadowing Sam Mitchell, actually.

If you had Bubbles pegged as a Chris Issak fan, you deserve a prize of some sort.  Other than self-satisfaction, I mean.