(first person to ask, “aren’t you the singer from Kingdom Come?” gets a kick in the nuts)

And that way lies…well, not damnation, actually. Bad haircuts, yes. Tawny Kitaen doing all kinds of irresponsible things in your car that aren’t connected, narratively, to the song. But the bottom line is this: even if you’re willing to accept the suppositions that 1) “a twister” is “born” and 2) that it is born “to walk alone,” it’s not going to help your teammates shoot any better. At Nets Blast, Dave D’Allesandro talks to the Nets captain about his butt-awful taste in music (well, in passing) and his team’s recent streak of blowouts:

Kidd’s Ipod was set to something called Whitesnake when he walked in today, quickly explaining that it reflected his mood.

This is normally where we would we’d go off on some fruitless debate about how how heavy metal is about as appealing as a tractor backfiring, and that most of it sounds like a bunch of skinny suicidal white nerds on Thorazine, or that it can be played by any goofball with a Les Paul, a stack of marshalls, and a fuzz box. But we’ll resist, for now.

What’s important is that it is his statement, as soon as he was asked, “You feel your team is on the same damn treadmill as last year?”

“That’s what I’m listening to now – ‘Here I go again,'” Kidd said. “The same thing happens year after year.”

Be forewarned: This interview is not going to end happily. You already know he hasn’t spoken after the last two games, and there’s a reason for that: He’s frustrated — perhaps more than at any time since ’04.

And he’s not the least bit mollified by the fact that his team is beat up right now, or that they won’t shoot 38 percent forever.

He just sounds like a guy who has no hope, which is a hell of a way for a captain to feel.

Or maybe it’s just the fact that he’ll be in Utah tonight? Also, Dave D: some of those “skinny guys” are really short, too.