From the Associated Press :

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Fans deep in the heart of Boston Red Sox country don’t have to like the New York Yankees. But they do have to be careful how they show that.

Officials with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats are cracking down on offensive t-shirts and abusive comments as the Fisher Cats play a New Jersey-based Yankees farm team in Manchester this weekend.

The team’s president said people wearing shirts reading “Yankees Bleep” are asked to either turn them inside out or leave.

The team said it was ready to stop games to make announcements if typical abusive and explicit anti-Yankee chants broke out.

One fan who took his 8-year-old daughter to Friday’s game said he approves since he doesn’t want to have to explain to her why some adults are “behaving badly.”

Who would’ve thought that the state that spawned GG Allin, Lisa Suckdog and John Sununu would be so determined to keep it clean?

Besides, it is the height of hypocrisy to name a baseball team after Fisher Stevens (above) and then discourage others from swearing. I watched his Friar’s Club roast and I’m still scrubbing away at my eyeballs.

The NJ-based Yankee farm team, is of course, the Eastern League’s Trenton Thunder, ironically the Red Sox Double A affiliate at one time. A more appropriate t-shirt slogan might be, “The Yankees Usually Win, But The People Of Trenton Are Forever Damned”. Kinda long, I know, but without the profanity, what’s the point of brevity?