Toronto starter Shaun Marcum (above) was described by the mellifluous John Sterling today as “looking like a jazz musician from the ’50’s…a member of the beat generaton.”

Yankee broadcasts would be so much less, uh, entertaining, if Sterling actually spent much time interacting with the rest of the human race.

The Yankees are up, 3-0, courtesy of a Jason Giambi 3 run HR in the first.

The Kansas City Star’s Bob Dutton
reports the Royals have come to terms with 2006’s no. 1 overall amateur draft selection, P Luke Hochevar.

Financial terms were not released, but it is a major-league deal believed to contain a $3.5 million signing bonus as part of a guaranteed $5.3 million package. Incentives can boost the value to $7 million.

œAlthough it didn™t happen as quickly as everybody expected, general manager Dayton Moore said, œit still happened quicker than most No. 1 (overall) picks have signed in the past.

œIt just speaks to the way the negotiations were handled ” professionally. Both sides were very committed to the most important aspect of this, which was coming to an agreement and getting Luke out and playing.

The incentive clauses are triggered if Hochevar, 22, makes the big-league roster over the next few years.

Reached late Wednesday, the deal appears remarkably similar to the contract right-hander Mike Pelfrey received earlier this year from the New York Mets. Hochevar and Pelfrey, the ninth overall pick in 2005, are each represented by agent Scott Boras.