Perhaps not quite as sad as the demise of underground rock on WYBC, but notable just the same, the Register’s Sean Barker on the (latest) end to pro baseball in New Haven.

Add the New Haven County Cutters to a long list of minor league professional franchises that have tried, yet failed to succeed in the Greater New Haven market.

The Cutters are ceasing operations, ending a four-year run at Yale Field.

If no team fills the void left by the Cutters, it will mark the first time in 15 years a professional baseball team has not competed in Greater New Haven. It would also mark the first time in 109 years that a professional sports team, either baseball or hockey, did not operate in Greater New Haven.

A member of the Can-Am League for independent baseball teams, the Cutters were unable to create a buzz with their product, despite an active involvement in the community.

The Cutters were 47-46 this past season and placed eighth in attendance in the nine-team league with an average of 1,653.

The Cutters came to Yale Field in 2004, a year after the Eastern League™s New Haven Ravens left. The Ravens had played at Yale Field since 1994.

New Haven was the home of a professional hockey team from 1926-94, then again from 1997-2000. The New Haven Coliseum, home to the New Haven Nighthawks from 1972-92, was imploded Jan. 20 of this year.

This was the third run of professional baseball in Greater New Haven, which supported a team from 1899-1932, then again from 1972-82 with the West Haven Yankees, A™s and White Caps at Quigley Stadium.