Tanna: “tomorrow is Friday the 13th… lets get a gang of us to wear Jason Vorhees masks to Citi-Field and go skin us a GM-Owner-Manager”

Tanna: “think of it… it would be the lead story on CNN…. #mets fans kill the team owner-gm-manager. before they kill us #selfdefense”

Tanna: “what are some good ways to dispose of Wilpon-Alderson-Collins any ideas?”

Tanna: “there will be a blood bath at Citi-Field tomorrow night”

Tanna: “no #mets fan will get out alive if you have on a 7 Line t-shirt… Jason Vorhees doesn’t care for plump plums”

Those are just a few of the Twitter outpourings of Aryan LeRoux, aka Dan X. Tanna, charged last October with making criminal threats against New York Mets ownership and management. According to ESPN NY’s Adam Rubin, Leroux, “applied in Milford (CT) superior court Thursday to participate in a program that would prompt the dismissal of the case upon completion.”

Prosecutors have alleged Leroux, 42, of West Haven, Conn., threatened team executives, players and coaches via Twitter in October and also made a “specific threat” to Citi Field. He was charged with second-degree threatening and second-degree breach of peace — both misdemeanors.

A hearing is scheduled for April 7 regarding Leroux’s application for the Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation Program. Completion of the program would prompt the charges to be dropped.