The provocative headline above comes courtesy of Kevin T., who suggests you check out a story in today’s Detroit Free Press by Kelly L. Carter.

For the last few years, Playboy and Maxim have, without a doubt, thrown the most Googled Super Bowl-inspired soirees; they’re the party invitations everybody wants, but few receive.

“This is our biggest opportunity to showcase the power of our brand to probably some of the most influential clients and VIPs and corporate America and people in the world,” says Maxim’s Amy Newman, the associate publisher for creative services and marketing. “Arguably, people come from all over the world.”

And while I’m mostly concerned with whether or not Michael Wilbon has RSVP’d to either event, Kevin says “scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page in the ‘By the Numbers’ column for the final entry in the Playboy column. I won’t even hazard a guess how many times the phrase ‘I’ll have the pie’ will be uttered.”