While one observer marked Miami’s signing of Giancarlo Stanton to a 13-year, $325 million extension by recalling a time not so long ago when David Samson lectured another club about fiscal restraint, New Times’ Ryan Yousefi considers it cause for celebration, arguing that amongst other things, locking up Stanton will actually hasten owner Jeffrey Loria’s departure / windfall.

Once all the above things are done, Jeffrey Loria can sell the team and get the hell out of all of our lives.
Let’s be honest here, Loria is in it for the money. He doesn’t give a shit about Miami or baseball. This Stanton deal sets the wheels in motion for all the moves mentioned above, which in turn means Loria profits damn near one-billion dollars on a sale of the team. Who knows what a baseball team with a shiny new TV deal and a new stadium will be worth in seven years, but whatever it is, it will equal a huge profit for Loria, who bought the team for next to nothing compared to what it would be worth.

Signing Stanton is the first domino to fall in the end game that results in Jeffrey Loria skipping town will a Powerball like profit, and Miami should be OK with that. Loria will have left the team better off than he found it, and made himself a shitload of money — granted, much of it on the back of taxpayers thanks to the atrocious stadium deal.

Today was a huge day for baseball in Miami. It may have even saved it.