Not the Kevin Mitchell Report, either. Though if he’d ever like to write one (or just a cookbook), I’d be first in line for a copy. From Newsday’s Ken Davidoff and Jim Baumbach :

Two of the Yankees’ most popular pitchers of all-time — Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte — are expected to be included in the Mitchell Report today, a source familiar with the former Senator’s investigation told Newsday.

According to the source, Brian McNamee, the longtime trainer for both Yankee pitchers, met twice this summer with former Senator George Mitchell and his staff. They were believed to be accompanied in these meetings by Jeff Novitzky, the IRS agent who has been behind most of the publicized steroid busts involving professional athletes.

McNamee, who was unavailable for comment, is believed to have cooperated with the investigation to protect himself from the government pursuing legal action against him for his involvement. The source confirmed McNamee has ties with Kirk Radomski, the former Mets clubhouse attendant who distributed steroids to a number of players.

Randy Hendricks, the agent for Clemens and Pettitte, has not immediately responded to an e-mail seeking comment.

I’ll try to disguise my glee for a minute or two ; shouldn’t former Senator Mitchell’s business connections to the Red Sox and ESPN have precluded him from fronting a supposedly impartial investigation?

I am hopeful that after 2pm eastern, we’ll learn that Mitchell and his team are a fair-minded bunch, and this isn’t just a huge anti-Yankees stitch-up. The credibility of this report will depend on a prominent former member of the Boston Red Sox being served up on a platter. Perhaps Manny Alexander and Jeremy Giambi will do the trick.
Much as I’m appalled at the way The Rocket might’ve silently allowed Barry Bonds to suffer as the primary poster boy/scapegoat for the Steriod Era, I find arguments against Clemens’ inclusion in the Hall Of Fame somewhat hysterical. Likewise for any claim that his statistical achievements are deserving of an asterisk (Manny Alexander, too).

Instead, I think the only appropriate response for Major League Baseball would be to award the 2000 World Series championship to the New York Mets. See you at the Canyon Of Heroes parade, Bobby V!