Giants 23, Packer 20 (O.T)

How thrilling was Big Blue’s unlikely 10th road win of 2007-08? Let me put it this way, I blew off the start of “Bring It On 4 : In It To Win It” “The Wire” in order to watch the Double Stuff Racing League’s lesser QB play yet another turnover free game, Plaxico Fantastico (11 receptions, 154 yards) haul ’em in like he was 100% healthy, and Lawrence Tynes split the uprights from 47 yards out…after missing a pair of 4th quarter FG’s that would’ve won the game.

By contrast, Brett Favre (19 for 35, 236 yards) threw just one pass in overtime, albeit right into the hands of Corey Webster.  Fox have been denied the dreamy Brady/Favre matchup in SB XLII , but my own rooting interests aside, that’s slim consolation if we’re gonna get another 400 luxury box shots of the Manning family in two weeks.

OK, hands up everyone who isn’t named Tom Coughlin who thought the Tiki-free Giants had any shot at the Super Bowl back in training camp. Or after being clobbered by the Pack in Week 2.  As it stood, New York was able to get a Barber-esque level of productivity out of the Brandon Jacobs/Ahmad Bradshow tandem (130 combined yards, 2 TD’s), and that along with Burress’ heroics, turned out to be just enough.  The Giants’ near invincibility way from the Meadowlands is only slightly less surprising than how they’ve managed to do it without one Pro Bowl participant — starter or reserve — on the offensive side of the ball.