ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Monday that despite a dramatic improvement to the Saints’ defense in 2013, New Orleans defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is unlikely to be considered for head coaching vacancies due to, well, looking like a homeless guy.

USA Today’s Chris Chase correctly cites the Hooded Casanova’s success in New England as a reason why owners need not fear Ryan’s unkempt look, though there’s certainly an argument to be made that none of the contemporary NFL coaches look nearly as professional in their officially licensed pajamas as Tom Landry did wearing an ensemble sans logos.  Earlier this week, PFT’s Mike Florio opined, “from the Sons of Anarchy hair and beard to the snake-digesting-a-medicine-ball profile, few owners will be willing to embrace Rob Ryan as the man in charge of the team,”, and while that take seems plausible enough, keep in mind, this is a league in which an adult dressed like this was once gainfully employed.