Tired of playing a supporting role to College Gameday’s Three Amigos, Trev Alberts became the Butkis Award winner that wouldn’t kiss butt. As such, he’s now out of work and can’t say much on the record to the Lincoln Journal-Star’s Steven M. Sipple.

The 35-year-old former Nebraska football star was fired by ESPN earlier this month because of a disagreement regarding his role in the network™s œCollege GameDay lineup. He said Wednesday he can™t talk about the situation because of pending litigation. But he spoke enthusiastically and optimistically about his future, saying he™s keeping an open mind and considering various options.

He doesn™t envision resuming work as a college football analyst for another network.

œMy opportunities in broadcasting have probably been destroyed by ESPN, said Alberts, a native of Cedar Falls, Iowa, who now lives in suburban Atlanta. œMore than likely, I™ll be making a lifestyle and professional change, which I suppose isn™t always bad.

œMy wife and I have been praying a lot and looking for direction.

With his TV days apparently behind him, he said he™s become œintrigued by potential opportunities in construction and real estate, among other possibilities.