For the next 15 minutes, all J.P. Losman and David Carr jokes are on hold.

Though I’m unconvinced so far that Jamal Lewis is all-the-way-back, or that Steve McNair still has a ton left in the tank, it’s never too early for the Bucs to think about dumping Chris Simms (above).

Vince Young’s tenure as Kerry Collins’ backup lasted all of, what 35 minutes?

The Falcons OL is shoving the Panthers around to the point where I suspect Atlanta can just continue giving Warrick Dunn the ball for the 2nd half without much worry. Either that, or find something very sticky for Justin Griffith’s hands.

Reggie Bush’s NFL debut : banged up briefly, but on pace for 100 yards (10 for 51) as the Saints lead the Browns, 9-0.

4 Jeff Wilkins FG’s have the Rams on top of the Broncos, 12-7. The Pseudo-Snake has made only one crucial error — a pass picked off by St. Louis’ Tye Hill, and it will require at least one more gaffe for the Jay Cutler Screamfest to really take off on Monday.

In the Battle Of The Johnsons, Rudy has it all over Larry this afternoon.