Patriots 13, Dolphis 10 (8:48, 3rd quarter)

Everyone who expected to Joey Harrington to outplay Tom Brady a) raise your hands and b) stop lying. Miami’s special teams have allowed a blocked FG and a blocked punt, but on the bright side, Nick Saban has siphoned the gas from the Gillette Stadium snowplows.

Lions 10, Vikings 3
(10:37, 3rd quarter)

Roy Williams left during Detroit’s first sequence after taking a hard hit to the upper back from Minnesota’s Darren Sharper. So I guess the Lions will have to come close to putting up 40 without him.

Titans 10, Colts 0
(13:38, 3rd quarter)

Travis Henry and Vince Young (above) are getting it done for Tennesee on the ground, while His Peytonness has yet to get untracked (9/17, 56 yards). Clearly, Jeff Fisher’s “Win One For Albert” speech did wonders to rouse the troops.

Giants 9, Redskins 3 (12:54, 3rd quarter)

After a first quarter miss, Jay Feeley’s kicked 3 2nd quarter field goals ; one catch so far for Jeremey Shockey, proving once again that Col. Coughlin is a fair minded sort who’d never dream of freezing a great talent/mind like the Shockster out of the offense. After all, that’s Eli’s job.

Bears 27, Bills 0
(12:18, 3rd quarter)

There’s no shittier feeling on an Autumn Sunday than starting Thomas Jones for multiple fantasy teams, then watching Cedric Benson score a rushing TD. Other than, y’know, owning or coaching a real football team that had J.P. Losman at QB.