Not only did Dusty Baker manage to win what was likely his final game as Cubs skipper, 8-5 over the Rockies on Sunday, but the toothpick-chomping, wristband-bearing baseball genius* also outlasted club prez Andy MacPhail, if only by a day.  From the AP :

An emotional Andy MacPhail resigned Sunday as president and CEO of the Chicago Cubs after the team without a World Series title since 1908 finished a season with the worst record in the National League.

“I was brought to Chicago to accomplish one goal and that was to win the World Series,” MacPhail said. “I was unable to get the job done.”

MacPhail joined the Cubs in 1994 after spending nine years with the Minnesota Twins and guiding them to World Series titles in 1987 and 1991. MacPhail also served as general manager of the Cubs from July 19, 2000-July 4,2002.

He will be replaced by John McDonough, who is currently the team’s vice president of marketing and broadcasting.

(* – ESPN’s Rob Neyer helpfully points out the 2006 Cubs “have been outwalked by nearly 300 walks, or two per game. Only Aramis Ramirez will draw 50 walks, and only he and Matt Murton will draw more than 40. Hard to win that way, guys. Might be something to discuss this winter, once the manager who thinks “walks are overrated” is officially not the manager anymore.”)