Cardinals 5, Mets 0 (top of the 4th)

..yes, even with the Colin Cowherd commentary.

There’s something kinda twisted about keeping Albert Pujols in the yard for 2 games plus, and but seeing Jeff Suppan hit a solo HR off Steve Trachsel.

Speaking of which, there’s no truth to the ugly rumor the Cardinals have already voted to give Jason Isringhausen’s playoff share to the Mets starter (1 IP, 5 hits, 5 walks, 5 earned runs). Yahoo’s online boxscore says Trachsel left the game in the 2nd with “an apparent right leg injury.” I’d start the online petition to have Aaron Heilman start Game 7 if I thought the series would last that long.

Ken Rosenthal has helpfully pointed out that a) the Mets’ bullpen is already overtaxed, b) Oliver Perez is likely to suck and b) Tom Glavine’s a poor bet on short rest. All true enough, but there’s no need to smile so much.

I’ve said some nasty things about St. Louis, the town and its citizens this past week, and in all fairness, I should add the following cavaet :

There are some very lovely and sophisticated women in Mound City.