Mets 4, Cardinals 4 (top of the 3rd)

And now my skull hurts like Jim Edmonds’. The Cards’ CF just clobbered a John Maine offering over the fence in left center, and St. Louis is clawing back from a deficit for the 2nd time tonight.

Cards starter Chris Carpenter hasn’t faired much better, allowing a 3 run HR to Carlos Delgado in the home first. Thanks very much to Jesper for the text updates while I was stuck on a 7 train going the wrong way. On the bright side, I did get to travel with several of Paul Lo Duca’s lady friends.

Teenage girls can’t possibly wear too much cheap perfume.

I don’t want to sound like too much of an ingrate (Sam), but I had better sightlines for ballgames when my parents locked me in the basement. In the back of Shea’s mezz, the fate of balls hit in the air is just a rumour. Still, the company can’t be beat, and hopefully the same can be said of Darren Oliver.

(UPDATE : Chad Bradford came on for Maine in the 5th, and Carlos Delgado’s subsequent opposite field solo HR (above) off Carpenter in the last of the 5th put the Mets up, 5-4. His Albertness is still looking for his first hit of the series. And I think Michael Tucker has a higher OBP this postseason than A-Rod.

In retrospect, complaining about the location of playoff seats is pretty lame. Much like Anderson Hernandez, I’m damn lucky to be here. And if I was in my warm Texas home watching on Fox, David Roth couldn’t have pointed out the guy wearing a “Team Fredbird” jersey.)