Though we could all feast on highlights of Moises Alou’s first HR as a Met at Shea Stadium, Joel Hunt and Maura Johnston have both forwarded the following item from New York Magazine’s “Grub Street” :

The greatest hamburger mystery of our time has been solved: We have it from a high-level source near the situation that the location of the long-awaited sequel to Shake Shack is Citi Field, better known as the new Shea Stadium. (Citi Field is currently under construction; it will be finished in April 2009, in time for opening day.) And that most definitely is not all: The Union Square Hospitality Group also plans a Danny Meyer sit-down restaurant there. (We™re waiting to hear back from Meyer on both of these reports.) As for the new Shake Shack, well, if you thought ball games resulted in long lines to the bathroom ¦

I don’t get it. I thought cocaine resulted in long lines to the bathroom?

Maura claims that during last night’s Mets SNY telecast, “Ron Darling made a NY Dolls joke shortly after the organist at Shea played the riff from ‘Blister In The Sun.’ Happy Seniors Day?”

Perhaps, but I’d like to think this was a nod in the direction of noted Dolls fan Gary Cohen, who unlike Darling, has already proven himself halfway conversant with more contemporary musics.