While forme Mississipi State baseball coach Ron Polk has already proven to be an excitable sort, he’s most certainly topped himself in promising œI™m going to do everything I can to make his life miserable”, the lucky man being current MSU athletic director Greg Byrne. From MSNBC : (link courtesy Jon Solomon).

Ron Polk blasted Bryne Friday as œutterly cruel for hiring Kentucky™s John Cohen and vowed to remove his name from the stadium and the school from his will.

Polk campaigned for assistant coach Tommy Raffo, a former player who was college teammates with Cohen, since he announced his retirement in March. The outspoken 64-year-old said he warned Byrne of the consequences if he did not promote Raffo.

œNow our new athletic director throws me under the bus, slaps me in the face, punches me in the stomach, Polk œTechnically, he did the same thing with Tommy Raffo … and all our coaches, all our signees, returning players and their parents who wanted Tommy all the way.

In addition to taking his name off the stadium, Polk said he will personally take down the banners that display his name and number. He also will use his influence to scuttle a number of support programs, such as the foster parent program and the Dugout Club.

And he™s taking Mississippi State athletics out of his will.

œThat™s coming out, Polk said. œI™m going to go up to Tupelo and design the first ™Until Greg Byrne is Gone™ clause.