From the Chicago Tribune :

NBA official Rodney Mott was suspended three games without pay Friday for making an obscene gesture toward a fan and also using inappropriate language.

Mott made the gesture and remarks after the Portland Trail Blazers’ 93-90 loss to the Miami Heat on Sunday night in Portland.

While I don’t wish to sound cavalier about Mott’s actions — clearly inappropriate for a family-friendly institution like the Association — there are mitigating circumstances. Had I noticed Art Alexakis sitting courtside, I might’ve done the same.

On a unrelated note, if you’re willing to flip away from a pretty entertaining Iggles/Saints playoff game, Da Bulls are waxing the Grizzlies at this moment and have a legit shot of winning the game by a 50 point margin. Isiah Thomas has already warned Ben Gordon to stay out of the lane for the remaining 4 minutes.