…the above sequence might well have rendered Reggie Bush as popular as Michael Brown. Congrats to the Saints on advancing to their first NFC Championship game in franchise history.

(the correct playoff formula for Indy : more historic clutchiness from Adam Vinatieri, less liquored up idiocy from what’s-his-name)

Similar good tidings go out the Indianapolis…well….just the team from Indianpolis. They wouldn’t call them much else in Baltimore today, but however you wish to dub Tony Dungy’s crew, their ability to stifle the Ravens’ running attack (much like the way they rattled LJ a week ago) was nothing short of stunning given their lapses during the regular season.   Despite Peyton tossing 5 INT’s the past two weeks, Indy will play the winner of tomorrow’s Pats/Bolts game to determine who represents the AFC in Super Bowl XLI.

Rex Grossman was just on the phone —- he’s not sure how much longer the Colts can continue to carry Peyton.