The U.S. defeated North Korea, 2-0, earlier today in Dresden, vaulting the Americans to the top of Group C in the 2011 Women’s World Cup. Though the post game press conference by North Korea coach Kim Kwang Ming (above) wasn’t broadcast live by ESPN,  The Guardian’s John Ashdown was on hand to hear the former cite a number of uh, mitigating circumstances.

“On 8 June our players were hit by lightning. More than five were hospitalised.”

“‘The strength of our players not sufficient so our strategy could not be implemented’ bcos 4 (or maybe 5, 6 or 7) hit by lightning ”

“The goalkeeper and the four strikers were most affected and some midfielders as well”

“The doctors said players were not capable of participating in the tournament, but until the very last minute they gave their best.”