Blue Jays starter A.J. Burnett (4.1 IP, 8 earned runs, 10 hits, 4 walks) departed yesterday’s 9-4 loss to Baltimore by doffing his cap to his many Rogers Centre admirers. Unamused, Bugs & Cranks‘ Spencer Kyte announces, “I am officially done with A.J. Burnett.” Hey, if only J.P. Ricciardi had that luxury.

The fact that he issued a post-game mea culpa doesn™t mean anything to me; everyone is quick to say sorry after they do something stupid, but not doing the something stupid in the first place is a much better choice.

This is a guy who is earning about as much money per season as the entire Florida Marlins roster, has a career mark of 74-72 and currently sits at 5-6 with an ERA two ticks under 5.00. Do those sound like $13M per season numbers to you?

Instead of mocking the crowd that pays your ridiculous salary, how about realizing that you™re the weakest link in the Blue Jays lineup behind the guy with horrible sideburns, the unknown guy making a case for the All-Star team and the guy who used to clean Aubrey Huff™s shoes.

To me, that doesn™t seem worthy of the large sums of money Toronto is paying you and bullshit performances like yesterday afternoon only cement that fact.

You make more money per start than most of the people in the seats and you want to mock them when they voice their displeasure with at your poor performance?

Now that™s the true sign of a complete and utter Jackass.