While The Big Lead reported yesterday that an unnamed ESPN executive suggested one of the network’s on-air yacksters needed to “slut it up”, InsideSoCal.com chimed in with the following a week ago ;

Reports on the website Deadspin.com that ESPN suspended NFL studio analyst Sean Salisbury late last month for inappropriate behavior, based on information from other websites and CBS Sportsline columnist Mike Freeman, have been met with indifference by Salisbury. The former USC quarterback responded in an email: “I work every day and do not pay attention or comment on on stuff like that. Deadspin is what it is and it does not concern me. Deadspin has been hurtful and wrong to many people. I have a father who is in Stage 3 cancer. You think that I really give that stuff any time?”

Ahem. Though I can sympathize with Salisbury’s plight to some degree (us modestly endowed dudes have to stick together), how does Deadspin manage to be credited/blamed for breaking a story that The Big Lead and Pro Football Talk were previously on top of?

Finally, if anyone at Bristol University needs to slut it up to keep his or her job, it’s clearly Tommy Smyth. Fuckin’ tease.