Suddenly, George Foster’s “Let’s Get Metsmerized” is no longer the most embarrassing musical moment in club history (video link swiped from Hot Foot)

A Chase Utley solo HR in the 8th inning aside, Johan Santana has been spectacular tonight against the Phillies (7 IP, 2 hits, 1 earned run, no walks, 10 K’s), with the Mets leading, 5-1 in the last of the eighth. If only someone had managed to kneecap Charlie Manuel during batting practice, who’s to say New York wouldn’t be ahead 15-1?

Congrats to Rays rookie Evan Longoria on signing a 6-year guaranteed pact worth $17.5 million after playing all of 6 games in the big leagues.  Imagine what the third baseman might’ve been worth if Tampa had waited until the end of the month to seal the deal?