(I’ve misplaced my jpg of Vick flipping the bird to heckling fans at the Georgia Dome, so you’re just gonna have to get by with this adorable yorkie, instead).

I’d gladly make a deal with Radar —- something along the lines of, I’ll stick to cutting and pasting scandalous stories about professional athletes, and you guys stick to…uh….somebody, please, help me out here. From R’s Ray Gustini :

Radar has learned from one NFL star that Vick has a more immediate concern”facing the wrath of the NFL’s dog-loving players if he ever takes the field again, some of whom may be the very people assigned to protect Vick on the field.

The high-profile NFL player”whose team will play Vick’s Atlanta Falcons during the 2007 season”tells Radar that a number of the league’s canine-friendly players are licking their chops at the opportunity to inflict some on-field vigilante justice on the world’s most famous alleged pup-drowner. Trying to kill the opposing quarterback is nothing new in the NFL, but the player believes the attacks on Vick will be especially brutal and dirty, and may even be aided by the Falcons offensive line, who, according to the source, have indicated that they will make sure the opposition has all the room and time that they need to land a hit that will send the quarterback into early retirement.

Given the likelihood of Vick playing in ’07 is pretty small, such anonymous threats should concern the QB slightly less than the criminal prosecution that awaits him. And besides, the above scene was already played out in both versions of “The Longest Yard” (my pull quote about “cheering in my seat” regarding the remake was solely confined to the Smear-The-Sandler scenes, however).