While Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal rates the chances of Texas moving 1B Mark Teixeira (above) as no better than 50/50 (possibly for the Braves’ Jarrod Saltalamacchia), SI.com’s Jon Heyman cites a plethora of potential trading partners for the Rangers’ Jon Daniels, a list not limited to the following :

Dodgers. GM Ned Colletti has sought additional power for months and has to decide whether to surrender touted first-base prospect James Loney. The Rangers surely would want top-pitching prospect Clayton Kershaw (who happens to be from Dallas), but L.A. would be unlikely to let him go. The Dodgers do have other prospects to deal, and Colletti showed last summer he isn’t afraid to shake things up.

¢ Angels. Like their geographic rival 45 minutes up Interstate-5, they also have young players to dangle, including a first-base replacement in Casey Kotchman. However, one competing GM, knowing their recent history, speculated, “I doubt [Angels GM Bill Stoneman] will pull the trigger on anything.” Stoneman’s past does suggest he’ll stand pat, although he apparently was willing to make a trade for Miguel Tejada before Orioles owner Peter Angelos killed it. But the Angels, whose lead over the Mariners in the AL West is a mere two games, should know this much: They could be one cleanup hitter from being a World Series favorite.

¢ Orioles. They’d probably consider surrendering talented, underachieving Daniel Cabrera and might well have the makings of a deal. Plus, their chances to keep Teixeira beyond ’08 are enhanced by his personal preference to play at home. However, there’s scuttlebutt that new club president Andy MacPhail is hesitant to recommend such a large long-term expenditure.

¢ Red Sox. They have young pitchers that would interest Texas, such as Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester, whose return Monday after battling cancer was emotional and successful. The comeback from cancer might also have served as a showcase, according to reports. The Sox also have top outfield prospect Jacoby Ellsbury.

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