Find it curious that Oakland would seek to monetize Dallas Braden’s spat with Alex Rodriguez rather than his recent perfect game? The A’s starter might concur, telling the New York Daily News’ Mark Feisand, “It’s just a serious, gross lack of tact.”

According to Braden, the A’s marketing department went to the MLBPA to get the shirt approved, but was not given the go-ahead to license it. As a result, the shirt doesn’t have Braden’s name, face or uniform number on it, though it does include a silhouette of him delivering a pitch.

“They’re trying to generate revenue, trying to get butts in the seats, I can see that,” Braden said. “It’s almost like, at what cost do you do that? They didn’t have permission. They were told on multiple occasions that, no, it’s not a good idea. It’s not going to be approved. They just kind of put the horse-blinders on and ran with it.”

“We regret that Dallas has expressed concern,” the A’s responded in a statement. “The organization created these shirts in response to numerous fan requests and made them to generate interest in this series.”

“It’s just not cool,” said Braden, who pitched a perfect game against the Rays on May 9. “At the end of the day, I hope I do not become associated with that kind of approach.”

Which pretty much kills any shot of a combined Stockton Chamber Of Commerce/Pavement/Braden “We Don’t Do Much Talking In The 209” series of shirts.