From today’s New York Times’ Tyler Kepner :

The White Sox’ Carl Everett (above), who was drafted by the Yankees and played three seasons for the Mets, has never made a secret of his distaste for New York. He had a colorful start to his trip here this week.

When Everett and his son approached the players’ entrance yesterday, a security guard told Everett that his son would need a pass to get in. The guard told Everett to make a call to get the pass, but Everett refused, moving past at least two guards and down a stairwell with his son.

“Yankee Stadium?” Everett said. “I don’t care about Yankee Stadium.”

Evidently aware of his controversial reputation, Everett told the guard that if anybody had any questions, “Tell ’em to talk to Carl Everett,” then referred to himself with an expletive.