Villanova 60, Boston College 59 (O.T.)

Not since the day Dave Smalley was banished from the WZBC studios has Boston College suffered such a heartbreaker. Newark, NJ’s Randy Foye (above) came up huge for the Wildcats (29 points) on a night when Allen Ray was ice cold. We’ve all seen the video of the game’s penultimate play — the goaltending call on Will Sheridan’s winning layup — and if the officials were any more right, they’d be named Bob Dornan. How Sheridan managed to get open underneath the basket with 3 seconds left is a little harder to fathom, but full credit to ‘Nova on a tremendous game, and a finish every bit as enthralling as last night’s Texas/W. Virginia, Gonzaga/UCLA climaxes.

I don’t wanna be mean, but somebody has to say it. Gary Poole’s wife isn’t that hot. I honestly think he could do a little better.