With the steroid revelations surrounding the Sultan Of Surly as a backdrop, The Crawfish Boxes composed the following love letter to Astros owner Drayton McLane.

When Bonds announced that he was filing suit against just about anyone involved with Game of Shadows yesterday, the Giants had no comment. Just as they have had no comment throughout the whole saga. Just as they have turned their backs on all the evidence that has been dug up by the San Francisco Chronicle or anyone else. It has been made plenty apparent that whatever Bonds did, the San Francisco Giants do not want to know about it.

And I just think about the Houston Astros organization, and the man at the top, and the way it’s run, and I wonder whether it’s not so much baseball, but the Giants, who are more to blame after Bonds himself.

I’ve gone to this well before, and I’ll do it again here. At some point (and I don’t think this was team generated), some of the Astros fans have adopted as their slogan “root for the good guys.” It’s a good slogan, and it could work for many teams, but I think it has particular aptness for the Astros. Because it does seem that there is an organization-wide commitment to “doing things the right way” and to simply trying to ensure that as many of the club’s players as possible are quality individuals.

I do believe the Astros are a moral and honest operation and I do believe that those qualities flow from the top downward. Although I wonder about the two years when the post-MVP Ken Caminiti was in the organization, I certainly think Head Trainer Dave Labossiere would not turn his head if he knew an Astros player was using steroids. I’m not saying he would alert the media necessarily, but he would alert others in the organization. And I think you’d then find that that player wouldn’t be an Astro much longer.

I look forward to future entries from this not even slightly delusional gentleman about the existence of the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and WMD’s, in no particular order.