From Warren St. John’s Sunday New York Times profile of Bill Simmons.

“Before Simmons you never got a feel for what the columnist’s life was like outside of the games,” said Will Leitch, the editor of the sports blog and a longtime Simmons fan. “There was this large disconnect between reporters and their readers. Simmons threw all that out the window and said these are the conversations we’re having. It felt like you were all in on a private joke together, like you had discovered something.”

Dude (and I use that word as disparagingly as possible), if you’re an American male that has never in your lifetime been stuck in countless conversations with persons who have the same boring-as-shit aesthetics as Bill Simmons, you’re either a) incredibly fortunate or b) so desperate to bond that your critical faculties are absurdly low.

In Will’s case, the answer is most certainly “b”.