From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Steve Wyche.

Falcons quarterback Michael Vick did not appreciate remarks made by Jim Mora ” the father of Falcons coach Jim Mora ” who, during a radio interview last weekend, agreed with a suggestion by the host that Vick was a “coach killer.”

“Honestly, I really don’t know what to say,” Vick said Wednesday, the first time he was available to address the subject. “I can’t even respond to that. He’s a commentator. He’s going to say what he wants to say. I think it was inappropriate, but he’s a commentator, and he has every right to say what he wants to say. I’m just going to keep playing football. At the same time, it’s crazy.”

Here is what the elder Mora, the former New Orleans and Indianapolis head coach, who now is a broadcast analyst, said to host Craig Shemon, who suggested Vick was a “coach killer” during a Fox Sports Radio interview.

“I think you’re correct, and it worries me a little bit because my son is the head coach down there, ya know?” the elder Mora said. “But he’s a great athlete; my son likes him a lot; he’s a good kid. But he’s not a passer. And you need a passer at quarterback to be successful consistently in the National Football League. And he ain’t getting it done in that category. I agree with you.”

Vick has every right to take umbrage. The term “franchise killer” would be far more apt.

There’s at least one published report claiming Jay Culter will start for the Broncos against the Chiefs tonight (in the game hardly anyone can see)

If former Detroit QB Joey Harrington were to lead the Dolphins to a blowout win at Ford Field today and Matt Millen is still employed on Monday, I see no reason to believe the Lions won’t retain the latter for life.

The Globe’s Keith Reed reports the Patriots are suing StubHub for providing a means for fans to break the state of Massachusetts’ anti-scalping law. If Phil Mushnick was up this early, he’d remind you there’s no shortage of professional sports franchises that want StubHub’s piece of the action and have instituted their own ticket reselling schemes.