(perhaps the above photo of the gentleman on the left might jog Mike Woodson’s memory. On the right, the director of the award-winning, “Girl 6”)

The New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman reports that on the afternoon after the New York Knicks fell further behind Indiana, 3 games to one in their Eastern Conference semi-finals, the former’s head coach, Mike Woodson, begged out of a scheduled appearance on ESPN 98.7.

“Mike Woodson was supposed to be coming on, ladies and gentlemen. We didn’t lie to you. The New York Knicks organization backed out,” Smith said at the beginning of Wednesday’s show. “The coach didn’t back out because Mike Woodson wouldn’t do that — no matter what he says.”

An industry source said Woodson called Smith prior to the show and told him he would not be making his scheduled appearance. The station had promoted the Woodson segment during its morning programming.

“The New York Knicks (organization) pulled him, so be it,” Smith said on the air. “I don’t need to talk to Mike Woodson today. As much as the Knicks stunk out the joint last night, what the hell is there to say?”

If you’re Chris Copeland or Pablo Prigioni, there might be plenty to say, actually. Or at least plenty to ask.