(do you think Complete got to where they are today by asking strangers to write free reviews? Because they might wanna think about it)

…though in their defense, hardly anyone else does, either.   The following Craigslist ad appeared earlier today (link courtesy Erick Bradshaw) :

My band, The Soon-Another is looking for indie music bloggers interested in reviewing our new album, Autodidact.

Some background info about the band: The Soon-Another originally formed in Lima, Peru and rapidly collected a local fan base. This indie pop/rock band erupts with vibrant colors and ironic anti-establishment lyrics, combining playful melodies and theatrical rhythms that reflect the band members’ distinctive musical and cultural backgrounds. Dual lead vocalists–one female and one male–tell poetic tales of romance, wanderlust, and volatile desires for independence. Whether plucking out ornate arrangements on acoustic guitar and thumb piano or rocking out to distorted electric guitar riffs and danceable synthesizer bass lines, the band is certainly eclectic but never lacking in musical integrity.

If you like our music and would be interested in writing an album review, respond to this post and let me know. Bloggers will be rewarded with free t-shirts, lots of gratitude and a shout-out at our next concert.

Hey, I don’t know how they do it in Peru, but in the USA we don’t take cheap short cuts like asking unpaid journalists to write reviews in exchange for t-shirts and shout-outs. Instead, we pay independent publicity firms to take badly paid journalists out for drinks (in exchange for cutting and pasting one-sheets verbatim).