A day after Stephen A. Smith earned the scorn of the national media and ESPN colleagues alike with his less than sage-advice for women, the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman is reporting that Smith will soon bring his chat show talents to Sirius/XM’s “Mad Dog Radio”.  It took a whole ten months, but Chris Russo — he of the earlier suggestions there were no qualified black candidates — has finally found a host fully capable of filling Dino Costa’s shoes (ie. the shoes marked “likely to generate zero ratings or new subscriptions”).

Sources said there was no consideration of pairing SAS with Russo. Smith’s new show will probably air from 1 p.m.-3 p.m., which will put him in direct competition with Ryan Ruocco on ESPN 98.7. Smith would serve as a lead-in to Russo’s “Mad Dog Unleashed” soiree and force SXM to juggle its current “MDR” lineup.

On one level, Smith’s apparent decision to move to SXM is surprising. It was only two weeks ago when Smith, on the air, suggested his radio days were numbered. “Ryan Ruocco can have the show,” SAS said at the time. “I have enough on my plate (with TV opportunities)