(above : Mets exec, background, demonstrates how eye candy, foreground, got his job)

In the wake of the NFL deciding to go rather easy on Ravens RB Ray Rice, he of the widely circulated video clip in which he’s physically assaulting his fiancee, ESPN’s Samantha Ponder took to Twitter with the following observation ; “blogs/websites that constantly disrespect women & objectify their bodies, then take a strong stand on the Ray Rice issue really confuse me.”

As you might’ve expected, such sentiments didn’t garner a very thoughtful reaction from much of the interweb, especially from a blog/website that constantly disrespects women & objectifies their bodies.  Cue up Barstool Sports’ feitelberg :

The woman who was hired to stand on the sidelines, because she’s attractive, and report a stone’s throw away from girls who were hired to dance in their underwear, because they’re attractive, is against blogs saying women are attractive.

Please tell me you’re not this dumb. Seriously you sound like a KO Barstool freak, not a chick that has a job where  the #1 requirement is you make men hard. So give it a rest with your righteous indignation. Your entire career and livelihood is based on appealing to guys like me and blogs like ours. Bottomline is guys thinking chicks are hot is natural. It’s Darwinism.

Just so we’re totally clear on this, regardless of what you think of Ms. Ponder’s journalistic credentials, please keep in mind that because some dude who can barely string a sentence together considers her nothing more than a jizz target, that precludes her from having any valid opinions on serious subjects whatsoever.

“Hey Sam you really can’t see the difference between saying a chick is hot and beating the fuck out of a woman?”, asks the scribe in question, though I strongly suspect Ponder is very capable of seeing the difference. And at the risk of (ahem) MANSPLAINING (for feitelburg), I don’t think her point is nearly so out to lunch. At the same time male commentators are drawing paychecks for actually suggesting Janay Palmer would be well served by learning not to provoke men into violence, why be mystified at Ponder’s inference that the straight dude culture (as typified by, say, a blog that publishes comments like, “add Sam Ponder to the list of dumb cunts”) can’t have it both ways. There’s totally a disconnect between relegating women to non-person status and then acting as though Roger Goodell’s slap on the wrist to Rice isn’t consistent with that culture.

Anyway, happy to totally spell it out for you. Now, time to watch lots and lots of DVR’d footage of Kevin Burkhardt!