Though the A’s hope to ape the Dodgers’ success (?) with what’s being called “All You Can Eat Seating” (beats “All You Can Seat Eating”, I suppose), reader Tim Cook remains unimpressed.

It will be interesting to see if this foolproof ballpark attraction will be enough to distract the monobrowed Oakland fanbase enough to forget about the trades of Nick Swisher, Marco Scutaro and Dan Haren and pending trades of folk heroes Joe “Fathead” Blanton, Houston Street, the hip surgery of starter Chad Gaudin, the release of “The Mitchell Report” and the pending release of Canseco’s “Juiced 2:  The Reaping”.  The smart money says YES, as usual all 12k cases for the missing link will be back, pounding those stupid drums in left field, and getting in game shape for the Raiders first preseason game.