Danny Green made short work of journeyman Paul Briggs during the pair’s IBO Cruiserweight title fight last Summer, though the Western Australian Professional Combat Sports Commission has since ruled the victory was particularly tainted.  From ABC.net Australian :

On Wednesday, the Commission released the findings of its inquiry into the July 21 fight, declaring Briggs had been involved in a ‘sham contest’.

The Commission found Briggs had not disclosed at any time to doctors, Green or Western Australia’s boxing regulatory body the “complete picture of his medical condition”.

Commission chairman Simon Watters said when Briggs stepped into the ring, he knew he wouldn’t be able to put up a genuine defence.

“Mr Briggs knew due to his condition with his nervous system and his physical ability to mount a credible defence, he wasn’t a worthy and genuine competitor,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

He added: “The issue is that the degree of subterfuge involved was that he deceived the treating doctors and he didn’t disclose his full medical condition to them.”