Redskins 17, Bucaneers 10

(nothing laissez-faire about this : LeVar Arrington after intercepting a Chris Simms pass to set up Washington’s first TD)

I’m no expert on how to be an NFL QB — certainly not compared to proud parent Phil Simms, or anyone else —but if Tampa Bay’s Chris Simms is gonna pass into triple coverage, he’d better be able to throw the ball above a defensive lineman’s hands.

Mark Brunell’s afternoon : 7 for 15, 41 yards in the air, no TD’s, 1 INT…and he’s the winning quarterback.

The old cliche about wishing there was a way for both of these teams to lose doesn’t go nearly far enough. I wished there was a way they could’ve both lost, suffered serious injuries and then seen their respective owners perish in a dual helicopter collision