White Sox fans had to endure 88 years of disappointment, but how does that legacy of failure compare to the horror inflicted upon those good people by Journey vocalist Steve Perry?

Today’s White Sox victory parade was culminated with an excrucitating acapella rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing”, as Perry (joined by would-be Bronson Arroyo’s AJ Pierzynski and Joe Crede) attempted to lead thousands of well-wishers in a singalong few seemed willing to participate in.

The embarrasing sight of the Lakers’ Mark Madsen dancing will forever burn in the memory of Los Angeles fans, much as the rap stylings of Tony Parker completely confounded Spurs supporters at the end of San Antonio’s victory parade last June. But neither of those men brought Perry’s long history of musical atrocities to the table, and as such, the organizers of these events could be excused for not knowing what they’d unleashed. There are no such mitigating circumstances in this instance.

Banner of the afternoon : “TRIBUNE CO. GET OUT OF BASEBALL”. Nice to see Ben Schwartz took part in the festivities.