Whether it’s P Kelvim Escobar turning up for Spring Training unable to grip a baseball or 3B David Wright (above) revealing he’s totally lost his mind, fitness of the physical and mental varieties remains a major concern for the New York Mets.  Earlier Thursday, the Newark Star-Ledger’s Brian Costa reported that Amazins’ players arrived in St. Lucie greeted by a clubhouse sign stressing “Prevention & Recovery”.

The Mets are modifying their training program this spring in an effort to avoid a repeat of the injury-filled disaster of 2009. A team spokesman said the signs are meant to reinforce what will be a bigger focus on baseball-related activities and more of an emphasis on “rest and recovery.”

Players will be urged to save their energy for the field and not exert themselves too much in the weight room. The emphasis will be more on baseball skills, agility and flexibility than on building strength.

The Mets declined to give further details about what will be different, and medical and training staff are not allowed to speak to reporters. But the modified program represents the biggest change this spring after the Mets drew criticism for their handling of injuries in 2009.

Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon said after last season that the team would do a better job of communicating with the news media about injuries. But the medical and training staff was left intact.